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Tord Str¯mdal
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Tord Str¯mdal
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
P.O. Box 812
SE-981 28 KIRUNA

The webserver is physically placed in the "Snickerboa" groundstation. The machine is an intel 486 dx2 66 MHz with 2,5 Gb HDD and 8 Mb RAM. The operatingsystem is Linux, and the internet- connection is a type T3, with a bandwidth of 2 Mbit.

These pages have been written with the intention that they should be viwable with most conventional browsers. In the process of making these pages, i used the following browsers to make sure the pages were viewable:

  • Netscape 2.02
  • Netscape 3.02
  • Netscape 3.03
  • Netscape 4.02 b
  • Microsoft Explorer 3.01

The pages are best viewed with Netscape 3.0X browsers, but any newer Netscape or Microsoft browser will do.

All pages were written/coded in HTML with the text-editor Microsoft Notepad. No WYSIWYG-editors were used.

Server statistics

The Munin webserver¥s server statistic is also available. The program I use for displaying server statistics is a modified version of Analog 2.11 freeware from Analog.

Link to Munin Website

Please support the Munin project by adding a link to this site. For now, only a Munin banner is available, but updates are soon to come. Put this banner on your homepage with a link to http://munin.irf.se/ .
Please copy the file to your webserver. Then copy the code below, and add it to the source-file of your homepage. Replace (?.gif) with the new URL of the image (the address where you put the image).

<A HREF="http://munin.irf.se" TARGET="_top">
(?.gif)" WIDTH=115 HEIGHT=87 BORDER=0 ALT="Munin Nanosatellite banner" >

Munin banner:

The banner is in GIF-format, and the file-size is 3,86 kb.

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