November 20, 2000


Today the time had come to take off the Munin cover. We are still GO for a launch on Tuesday, 10:24 local time, 19.24 Swedish time. Plan for tomorrow:


Nov 21 (Tuesday)          Photo opportunity at the launch pad at 2 AM

Fuel loading of the first stage starts approx. 7 AM

                                       Terminal countdown begins three hours before launch.

                                       Liquid oxygen loading begins two hours before launch.


Pictures from the Munin cover removal.



Munin inside the fairing, cover taken off.




Last picture of Munin.

Farväl Munin! Må din resa över hav och land bli lyckosam och fylld av överraskningar!



Proof that the Munin cover has been taken off!



The fairing. Munin is located near the base, just where the yellow steps are at the right bottom of the picture.