November 2, 2000


Todays events:

·       Emergency Life Support Apparatus (ELSA) equipment training

·       Visit to the AstroTech facility to see EO-1 and SAC-C

·       Meeting with Launch Operations to discuss the Munin schedule

·       Separation system spring measurement

·       MEDUSA aperture cover removed

·       Wrapping up Munin in preparation for transportation to the launch pad


Unfortunately there is no picture of us training to use the ELSA equipment! This involves learning how to put a plastic bag over your head, with a hose attached to an air bottle. The ELSA equipment should be used in case there is an emergency at the launch pad involving toxic gases. ELSA certification is required to get access to the pad when the rocket is fueled.



EO-1 (top) and SAC-C (inside the “canister”called DPAF, underneath EO-1) in the high bay in the AstroTech payload processing facility at VAFB.



Behind us is the Mobile Service Tower (MST) at Space Launch Complex 2 West (SLC-2W). This is the launch pad for the EO-1, SAC-C, and Munin mission.



High up inside the Mobile Service Tower we admire the Munin logo, next to the EO-1, SAC-C, and NASA logos on the Delta-2 launch vehicle!


The following schedule was agreed with Launch Operations:


T-10 days (Wednesday 8 Nov): Mate Munin to the launch vehicle, remove DINA covers and handle

T-8 days (Friday 10 Nov) 13:00-14:00: Mate the Munin ordnance connector

T-1 day (Friday 17 Nov) 09:00-10:00: Remove the Munin protective cover



Back in Spacecraft lab 1 we measure the length of the separation system tensioning spring.



We are using an American caliper, so we have to first convert from inches to millimeters to figure out the length. It is well within limits.



The protective cover over the electron- and ion spectrometer MEDUSA is removed. The two DINA aperture covers and the carrying handle will be removed after Munin has been attached to the Delta-2 second stage.



We wrap Munin in plastic in preparation for transport to the launch pad.