November 14-15, 2000


A Flight Readiness Review was held at VAFB on November 14. On November 15 it was decided to shift the launch to the 19th. The schedule is now as follows:


Nov 15 (Wednesday)    Cleaning of the fairing, EO-1, and the DPAF.


Nov 16 (Thursday)        Installation of the fairing (“nose cone”).


Nov 17 (Friday)             Fuelling of the second stage. Mission Rehearsal.


Nov 18 (Saturday)         Final preparations. Launch Readiness Review.

We also remove the Munin cover this day


Nov 19 (Sunday)           Fuel loading of the first stage just after midnight local time.

                                      Terminal countdown begins three hours before launch.

                                      Liquid oxygen is loaded one hour before launch.


Below is a map of Vandenberg Air Force Base, showing the location of the launch pad (SLC-2W), the NASA building in which Olle will be in during launch, and the Weather Station, a place which is accessible for anyone wanting to watch the launch.